Buy marijuana seeds online

Buy marijuana seeds online

Hello and welcome to all you green lovers! Are you looking to buy marijuana seeds of high quality? This is the place to be! First of all we sell seeds from selected Dutch breeders that are specialized in several strains. What we offer are a variety of top strains with a high germination rate for low prices. Because of  the seeds good genetics, high yield and a professional quality of marijuana is guaranteed. Experience the same quality that you can find in the dutch coffee shops! Orders can be send worldwide (Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania). With our Registered mail shipping option we offer Guaranteed Delivery! And our discreet package service is completely for free. Buy more seeds, better quality and bigger yields for less!

Please note that we do not support any illegal activities do to our products. What we expect from our customers is that they operate within their local laws and restrictions. We sell our seeds as souvenir and for genetic preservation purposes. If the laws doesn't allow to plant or germinate seeds you should store the seeds and wait until your country's policy changes. We are not responsible of any illegal use of our products. Therefore please do your research on your country's policy.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically modified so that the seeds do not contain male chromosomes. As a result, they grow into a female plant. One is talking about female or feminized seed. All seeds at are feminized. Buy marijuana seeds Feminized right now!

Autoflower seeds

Autoflower means self-flowering or automatic flowering. Unlike normal marijuana seeds, they do not depend on the amount of hours of daylight to bloom. A big advantage for outdoor growers is that you are no longer dependent on the season to flower your plants. Due to their shorter cycle, multiple crops are possible per year. Buy marijuana seeds Autoflower right now!

Big Autoflower seeds (XXL Autoflower)

Due to the fact that autoflower seeds have been developed in recent years, there are now autoflower species that grow bigger and take just a little longer to flourish: The Big Autoflowers or XXL Autoflowers! With yields that were considered impossible until recently for autoflower seeds and a cycle that lasts only a few weeks longer. From now on it is possible to achieve yields from 200 grams and more per plant within a period of 11 to 12 weeks. Furthermore, the quality has also improved. Buy marijuana seeds XXL Autoflower right now!

CBD Seeds

These are seeds that grow into plants producing marijuana with high CBD content. The cannabis plants used for the production of CBD are especially suitable for medical purposes. Because of the calming effect CBD has on the body CBD is often used against muscle cramps, chronic pain, arthritis and rheumatic stiffness, insomnia, anxiety and related disorders. Buy marijuana seeds CBD Medical right now!


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